Thinking Environment® Postcards


The quality of everything we do, depends on the quality of the thinking we do first.” Nancy Kline

We are excited to share this beautiful set of postcards that are adapted form the work of Nancy Kline on the Thinking Environment®  Each postcard represents a different component so you can choose to use them to improve the quality of the thinking that happens in your coaching, your teaching, your meetings or just have them up around your desk as a wonderful inspiration.


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In her research Nancy Kline and colleagues from Tine To Think, have identified ten behaviours that generate the finest independent thinking.they call them the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment®. In the presence of this ‘way of being’, their research suggests that people think for themselves with rigour, imagination, courage and grace.

This beautiful set of postcards is adapted from Nancy’s work and we think it is a wonderful way to keep the 10 components in mind every day.

Why not pick one to put on your desk and bring into focus each week or pick one to send to a friend who most needs it.

We have also created these postcards as a wonderful resource for facilitators and coaches.

You may also be interested in our postcards for parents and teachers on 10 ways to help your children think for themselves.



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