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“Working as a coach, in leadership development over the last 20 years, I have learnt that the environment we experience makes all the difference on our ability to bring our best self to the world. I am passionate at helping children, parents and teachers create the sort of environments that help them thrive.”

“Flying is a feeling that you are understood and valued, you have permission to be yourself and the courage to push your boundaries and discover your potential.”

Rachel Day, Founder of Flying School

Abby Tune

We are so excited that Abby has recently joined our team, she is a breath of fresh air and always encouraging! She is in charge of all things admin, including our social media campaigns, monthly newsletters and presentations, all while she completes her Masters!

Jo Rich

Jo is our wonderful graphic designer – we love her creative process! She listens to our ideas, goes away to contemplate and then sends us her wonderful creations! These have included  social media templates, the stone stack graphic, our beautiful planner and journals to name a few!


Children Advisors

It is really important to us that children are involved at every level of our decision making – they are our best teachers and we are inspired by their ideas and bravery!

We have been working  with children to test our ideas and advise us on what works and what doesn’t. Our first cohort was the Year 4 class from St James Primary School in Skelmersdale. These amazing children started learning to fly a couple of years ago and they have been very influential at testing some of our games and lesson plans!

If you would like to be involved, we are looking for children advisors of all ages, please do get in touch.

Here our the same class sharing their words of wisdom as they leave Year 6.

Click here to watch their video

“We were thrilled to be invited to support Flying School in their research. Activities built into the day really gave the children time to focus and we’ve already seen a shift in attitude. The children are taking responsibility for their own learning and wanting to achieve new goals.

Rachel provided a bespoke package for us, addressing the needs of our school. It’s not a ‘one visit wonder’, this is about making positive changes to empower children and staff to believe they can achieve what once seemed impossible!”

Mrs A Blacoe, Head Teacher, St James Primary School.

Our Flying Network

We love having conversations with people who are equally passionate about learning to fly and learning how to help others fly.

We are a group of coaches, teachers and parents who meet virtually to share stories, have some space to think about our own journeys and explore how we can support our children, friends & family. 

These conversations are free to join and we would love to meet you!  If you would like to learn more – please get in touch.

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