“Do not accidentally make stability the goal. Balance is more important than stability.”

Ed Catmull, Creativity Inc

Learning to fly is similar to balancing a stone stack. 

It relies on developing and maintaining strong foundations that help us build our inner strength and core balance.

Our coaching experience has discovered there are 5 key stones, and when we spend time with each one and learn how to place them together in our unique way, we create the energy we need to find our balance, stand tall and fly.

We will each find balance in our own unique way, it is our difference that holds the key.

The trick to flying is to continue to find our sense of balance and maintain it as we change and grow

Being in balance, doesn’t mean being still, we are evolving all the time and so are our children. It means making constant small adjustments to keep re-finding our balance, and as we do this, we will be building courage and confidence. The younger we learn some of the tools, the easier we will find learning to fly as we grow up.


It is our job as parents, teachers and friends to help each other fly and as we do this, we will strengthen our own sense of groundedness and balance.

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