Strength Playing Cards


A fun and colourful set of 56 cards with different strengths shown in pictures and words. You can use them as a parent or teacher to help you recognise different strengths in children and inspire them to build new strengths.

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This colourful pack of cards will support you to recognise strengths in your child or your class. We know that when children feel appreciated they learn to fly. As they start to shape their identity, they are looking to us to tell them their strengths and this pack is a great way of recognising strengths that you see in them and also strengths that they could practice and become better at.

There are 56 Cards in total and they are the size of a pack of playing cards. They arrive in a plastic box to make it easy to reuse them over and over again.

They can be used in a variety of ways eg you might give each child a card at the end of the day to share a quality that you have recognised in them, or you might ask children to give them to each other and play an appreciation swap game, or you might give your child one that you’d like them to practise in the coming week and they could give you one too!