My Flying Journal


These funky journals have been co-designed with our wonderful graphic designer Jo Rich, and they bring a smile to anyones face!

When we are growing up, we need to have a place we can scribble all our whacky ideas without worrying about being right. As we learn to fly, we will be learning lots of things about ourselves, our passions, our dreams, our qualities, our skills and kids will find that having their own journal to capture these now, will be wonderful when they are older.

They are a beautiful gift for family and friends, as they are new, we only have a limited number so pick up yours today.

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My Flying Journal for is bright and colourful. The pages are blank so you can draw, scribble and write in your own unique way without worrying about what anyone else thinks.

When we are learning to fly, we make mistakes and the spiral binder makes it easy for us to rip pages out and start again.

On the inside covers, our beautiful stone stack shares ideas on how to find your sense of balance. You can choose a stone to  focus on each day or week or capture what you are learning about yourself as you spend time with each of the stones.

These journals have been designed for kids and adults!