Family Challenge – via our app


Would you like to learn more about our unique stone stack approach as a family?

We have designed a challenge you can do together, introducing each of the 5 keystones in a simple and practical way to help you all learn to fly.

Our family challenge is designed to do alongside your children – each morning pick up a question to think about and then share what you have learnt with each other at the end of the day.

Its an easy, simple and fun way to start flying for everyone in the family!

You could also purchase some flying journals so you can capture your ideas each day.

It is a lovely gift to give to your family or to other families you know. Why not do it with your friends?

This is our introductory price to encourage as many families as possible to take part.

Click here to get started via our app

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We have been asked by a few families how they can practically share the 5 Keystones with their children. So we have created our first mini challenge for families on our app! We think you will love it!

Either all of you can sign up or just one of you can sign up to the app.

There are 5 weeks 1 for each pebble.

  1. Imagine
  2. Believe
  3. Let Go
  4. Create
  5. Trust

Each day Monday – Friday there is a question to think about during your day and you are encouraged to each share your ideas in the evening with the rest of the family – there is also a weekend activity linked to that pebble if you would like to do more when you have more time.

The questions are designed to help you learn more about each of the 5 keystones by bringing them to life in a practical way.

They are simple and easy to understand for everyone in the family.

It is a way to learn more from each other, connect in a different way and be inspired by each other’s ideas.

The families who have been testing this for us had the following to say about it:

“It’s not heavy going, it is light and interesting!”

“We have loved the opportunity to learn together, it has lead to some interesting conversations at tea time!”

“We have been surprised by how much we have learnt form each other when there is a bit of structure to help us focus.”

“We love the suggestions, they are simple and easy to pick up, although it is designed around spending time each day, we have spread it out even more to give us time to fit it into our busy lives.”