10 Ways to Help Children Think for Themselves A4 Cards


Teaching our children to think for themselves is one of the most important gifts we can give them. This set of A$ cards increases awareness  of the 10 ways we can support them to think for themselves – they are great to pin to a noticeboard or have up around the classroom as a display.

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This beautiful resource pack is helpful for teachers and parents. Each card shares ideas and questions to help you explore how you can support your child or class to think for themselves.

The cards have been designed in collaboration with Sophie from The Thinking Project. We use them as a resource on our inset days and parenting course. They are a helpful way to focus on one particular area or on a few that are important that day or week.

The A4 cards can be used to play a game in class, you can pin them around the room and ask children which is important for them today, you can ask children to teach the class about each one etc   The cards come in 2 sizes, there is also a  postcard size.