What is your flying story?

May 4th, 2020 in Blog

When we asked people what it felt like to really fly – they shared their personal stories. I learnt that we have moments of flying in our lives and if we are lucky, we hold on to them and trust in their power and one day we realise we are flying.

One of my flying moments was when I was learning to be a coach, I can remember walking away from my first practice session and wanting to literally punch the air – I think it was a physical feeling of self-worth. I was needed and I could add value. It felt so good to have found a role where I could support others, be myself and see the stretch and challenge of learning and growth. Luckily, I was supported and encouraged to hold onto to this feeling and I found the courage to pursue it. There were moments in my training and practice that were definitely not flying. In order to follow the feeling, I made a big decision to resign from my role. Resigning felt like jumping off a cliff and for a while I was in free fall, but perhaps that initial flying feeling sustained me along with the support and encouragement from others.

Flying is different for everyone but for me it is an invitation to be yourself in the world, it is a feeling that you fit in even when you are being yourself, and you are needed for your uniqueness. And it’s the realisation that you can stretch your boundaries and break new ground beyond what you have come to expect or others have told you to expect of yourself.

When I am flying, I feel a combination of fear of the unknown and joy of the possible.

What are the conditions for flying?

In our experience it’s a combination of the following factors. We could ask ourselves: Am I creating the conditions to fly? Which of these is lacking for me? Where do I need to focus or be braver?

Imagine a world where we all fly and we learn to do that from a young age.

What is your story?

Please share your flying story below or email us  whether in words or pictures and we will share as many as we can.

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