Putting Heart and Soul into it

October 22nd, 2023 in Blog

Putting Heart and Soul into it

I have been participating on a course this month in becoming more productive.

It gave me a a surprising insight 

I realised that I tend to give my heart and soul to the idea of what I most want to create in the world. To my vision, how I want things to look and feel like and all the possible potential of what could happen if I do it well. 

I put my heart and soul into the outcomes I want to see rather than the actions I am taking. 

The next thing I do is plan the actions I think I need to take in order to reach my goals. 

By the time I start taking the actions, I have lost my energy, I have turned the actions into things I need to do and should do rather than things I really want to do. The actions have become a means to an end only and therefore they are no longer exciting. I either put off doing them or I do them with a heavy heart as quickly as possible in order to move forward (or have the feeling that I am moving forward!)

I am wondering if this sounds familiar to you? 

What does it look like in your world and what impact does it have?

The answer I am learning is to start practising putting my heart and soul into the things I have chosen to do. Making sure I do the every day things with a full heart rather than half heartedly.

This is a game changer for me in my work and in my parenting.

When I do this, suddenly the world feels different. I am no longer in a race to achieve things so I can get closer to my goals, I am choosing more wisely the things I want to be doing, giving them my heart and soul and then seeing what happens as a result.

It’s not that I think a vision is no longer important it’s just that I think I need to get the balance right on how much energy I put into my idea over my actions.

When we do this I think we give our children permission to do the same and they might learn to fly quicker.

I would love to hear how it might help you.

(By the way, the course I attended was Getting Sh*t done with Michael Neill.)

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