A Simpler Life – Learning to Fly in 2020.

January 10th, 2020 in Blog

2020 has started out for me like most years where I look at the year before and decide what I want to be different going forwards. This year I have been so much more conscious of leading a simpler life – I realise that my busy often complex life is something I have created because I have assumed it has to be this way in order to have an impact, achieve something or make a real difference.

But Is that true?


Or is it possible to have an even bigger impact by creating a simpler life? I don’t know the answer to this yet but as I have shared my intention to live simpler with people in the last few days a few have said “when you’ve worked out what that means in practice could you let me know!”

So here are a few thoughts of what it might mean for me but I wonder what it would mean for you?

Creating simpler rituals – eg sitting and reading in silence with my child at the end of the day.

Getting fresh air every day

Creating less waste – food, clothes etc

Learning to be on my own more – not needing to always walk with others or with my music or a podcast but just in my own thoughts.

Letting go of feeling “responsible” for situations that aren’t about me and trusting others to figure them out for themselves.

Not neglecting my health – trying to eat better and exercise more.

Being more light-hearted! Not taking life or myself too seriously and enjoying moments.

When I look back at this list, if I can stick to it, I think I will be flying more in 2020 and thereby helping others to fly more.

Our Children Fly When We Fly.

I was reminded again this week that we are our children’s greatest teachers and how we go about our day has a huge impact on their learning.

If you knew that the key to teaching your children anything is to model it yourself, what would you do differently this year that would ultimately teach them to fly?

Please share your thoughts and ideas below.

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